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Panel proposal for the European Initiative on Security Studies 2018

Religion and security: how to understand religion and identity as security issues per se?”

1 General presentation of the panel and its scope

The general project underlying this panel is to develop a general view on security issues in regard to the resurgence of religion in contemporary international politics. The central question is: which kind of conceptual and methodological framework can we imagine for thinking the resurgence of religion and the challenges it poses to security concerns? Beyond any restriction of security to a realistic or a states-centred view, our aim is to analyse religious, national, ethnic identities as security challenges per se. Deterrence, military power, terrorism, biochemical weapons don’t exhaust the field of security studies: a human group can perceive its own identity and religion as threatened as well. For many people, it is a security issue to protect itself against cultural and religious aggression in the contemporary world.

We do not aim at giving a restrictive definition of identity: we prefer to understand it broadly as the self-perception that a political, ethnic, religious community has of itself and that it perceives as essential for its survival as a distinct group. Therefore, starting from that large approach, our intention is to analyse cultural security through different phenomena like “soft power”, imperialism, propaganda, media war, religious identity, nationalist and fundamentalist reaction.

Our objective is to understand precise case-studies where a group tries to protect (or to impose) it cultural and religious identity. We are interested in reflexive paper as well on the how to integrate religion and identity into security studies. Other contribution about “constructivism, security and religion”, “security and self-perception” are welcome.

2 What we expect from the panelists, how to candidate and schedules

We expect from this panel:

  1. A interest in empirically robust case-studies: field studies for example, quantitative data, historical approach about situation of religious domination, ethnic/religious insecurity and phenomena of legitimisation through cultural or religious discourse.

  2. An interest in security, political science or IR issues (a short bibliography follows).

  3. All geographical areas are welcome: Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas… All fields are welcome: political science, history, anthropology, sociology, war and peace studies… Young scholars (Phd. candidate in last year, post-doc, lecturer…) are strongly encouraged to postulate as well as female candidates.

To candidate to this panel, please send a short presentation of your paper proposal in English (300 words max.) before 13th January 2018. I will give you a feedback from 1th February 2018 about your candidature. My email address:

To find out more about the European Initiative for European Studies, you can visit the call for paper here :

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